a2 ~a due~

The next one is a2 ~a due~ 
It has romance genre tag while both of them is arguing on the left. What can we say, fighting is one step closer to love? lololol. And this story protagonist is a girl with mohawk~ Quite unique.

Good design for graphic (too few CG for me), good music and awesome story with inspirative theme behind it~

Between Sona Song and Mr. Hao, music is one important element inside which moves the story of each character, with comedy on second dish and love story at last but not least. During the time in this world, there's tendency to forgot how to express ourselves properly. Which ended up making wrong turn inside their journey, like Sona who forgot her real path. But it will change anyway~

My first impression of Sona.. Wow, she had.. unique hair. Never did i seen a heroine's hair use a mohawk model, yeah. Don't take me wrong, it piqued my interest to see how their story unfold as it had such unique beginning. Mr. Hao is your everyday good teacher, with an admirable amount of determination to teach his students. While being a foreigner with communication skill as first barrier, being ridiculed but still determine on improving those lots is awesome. (I probably throw tons of needle at them lolol) Sona is one good kid actually, she supports him when he needed it the most. Even if more like arguing than sharing, well back to my words at first paragraph lol..

My most favorite CG is one when they both collaborate to make their last orchestra..
If only i was an audience in that orchestra.. *standing claps..

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