Mystic Messenger - Luciel aka 707

Hiya, lol~
Those who are loyal vn reader, especially otome (ʕ•̫͡•ʕ*̫͡*ʕ•͓͡•ʔ-̫͡-ʕ•̫͡•ʔ*̫͡*ʔ), who doesn't know of this game... is unheard-of, at least for me. ೖ(⑅σ̑ᴗσ̑)ೖ
Talk about the Mystic Messenger itself, definitely a new VN system which introduces live-like chat with many emo, plus you can hear their voices by calling the character (dunno Korean tho). Definitely new~

Previously i've play Jae-Hee and Jumin route, so kinda get hang of how this game works from those two. The other character, Yoo Sung is more like a brother material while Zen is narcissistic with no cure, which i evades.. And it leads to.. why not just create a short review.. for 707 who known as the one who know it all!!
I'm also curious about him in another route, but those two won my attention first. Haha, my apology Seven. And here i come. d(-_^)

[R18] Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome - Saito's Walkthrough

When i get this VN, i was like ehehehehehe. (You know what i mean *meaningful smile)
And as warned by title there, it's a game for adult so mind yourself pfft.

But man, conversation inside sure is funny as hell unlike those usual h****i.
So i'm gonna recommend you to get a copy of it from kalmia8-mangagamer. They also provide demo in case you want to try it out yourself~

One feature that i like from this vn is the ability to look into your progress by clicking ♡ in Extra.

It all begins with this heroine who shut herself from her height problems and rich parents.
How i wish i was in her position XD.
Below choices somehow lead me to good ending with Saito + fews wacky endings. So let's go!

How to get Subtitles in VNR for Noobs (yeah, you XD!)

Okay, without further ado, this is for you Ladies and Gentleman.

     1. First of all, you need VNR itself which available for download at, but                      thanks Jichi-sama(creator) and Sakamichi-san (tutor) before that, promise? =3

     2. You already had a J-VN running smoothly, right?

     3. Then open the VNR which will display a girl with a chocolate cigarettes (don't be offended as i                    don't like the real one :D) and your pointer will change to light blue colour~

Translation for Queen of Darkness ~the First Moon~

Well, hellow there.

As i'm getting busy these days, there're still those days where i want my freedom back. *hiks
Like... right now!
I even ask my Mom, can i quit working?
Lul, you should know what her answer.
Okay, enough about me.

Soo... first of all, y'll need to know that i'm not remaking the whole process.
Since i'm not in the fancy coding stuff level... Bohoo..
Then how?

1st Teen Story - Lollipop Love

Kay, hi!

A new year come with new findings~ Phweeet, already 2017!
Happy new year 2017 to you all.
And Happy Chinese New Year 2568 too :3.

Here i present to you lots, a game that took 1/10000 of my times in order to find it. 
I dunno how i get that count btw, haha.

So long story short, this game is free which only available during limited time before its download link deleted by its creator.
And many people claimed that it was good, which intrigues me to find that game on my own. 
So without further ado, let's play!

 1st Teen Story-Lollipop Love
 <<Must've get gist of this game by its name, rite? :D>>

How to Improve ATLAS Translation

Like what the title said,
this tutorial will teach you on how to make the better translation for ATLAS dictionary.
For people who's using AGTH/ITH/VNR, must've become friends with ATLAS without doubt.
(VN Games! XD)
Small explanation for my newcomer friends,
ATLAS is digital dictionary that translate Japan to English or reverse. (mainly JPN-EN)

Of course you can also use it for non-gaming purpose, such as translating document or website.
-but i won't provide how to use it on this tutorial-
To acquire good result from the translation, general dictionary provided by ATLAS wasn't enough, really..

To improve ATLAS translation, we can use other people dictionary.
This dictionary helps a lot for gaming purpose (VN), so i suggest you all get one too.

And regardless, human are greedy and never satisfied with what they had, and for other reason such as below, i've started to figure out on how to make my own dictionary.
  • Trusting my own instinct on translation
  • I'm better translator than Google, really? ಠ_ಠ
  • I want to try making my own dictionary
  • Adding wacky terms increase the fun inside the game
  • I have time and patient feeling right now
lol~ XD. So, let's begin.

Storm Lover Kai Walkthrough - Mishiro Takumi

Hiya all~

I'm squealing right now.
A new PSP Otome is being translate ~<3.
Thank you very much translator XD.
And thus, since i'm 'niat' (means determined), walkthrough for this character is created~

Takumi seems so cool while playing billiard! \(o////o)/

Short Story 1

Hi all~

Ahh... I hate how barren this blog is right now. Boohoo..
So i decided to add a story scene which i practiced on the break time. 
Which i can always read it again without have to search for it inside my Laptop. :D

Unplanned Amour


I've seen this several times since my first visit to Lemmasoft.
It just.. one big question for this comes to mind, everytime!
How come you all can pull it off in that strict deadline.. 
Or i'm not devoted enough to do my own work... (ノ`Д ́)ノ Gahh~!

Ah well, that's another case for now.
Let's go back to reviewing on this one~

Now my question... 
('''( >.< )''') CAN YOU RESIST THIS!!! ('''( >.< )''')

No can do for me.. I like to squeeze that person and give him a bear hug.
Just like what the heroine do, precisely!

Those Without Names

Hi folks~

I found something nice to share with y all.
I wouldn't say this is sob story, but it has its touching moments.
Here's the summary for it. ( ・∀・)っ♨
"Eight has a name, a real name. The problem is: she can't remember.
The people around her don't remember theirs either. Like her, they're all trapped in what seems to be the same dream without a name; just a number. In order to leave, she must "awaken" to her own name.
Much to Eight's relief, she finds a familiar face. Just by looking at him, she knows he is her brother, even if neither of them can remember each other's names. She believes they're trapped in a dream.